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Sustainable Food Plan 2024
Building a GreenHong Kong

In order to promote the development of agriculture in Hong Kong, the "International Volunteer Association" and the "Technological Agriculture Association" work together to implement the "Food Sustainability Plan" advocated by the United Nations.
In addition to receiving volunteer hours to redeem gifts, participants can also gain valuable planting knowledge and promote a green living culture. Whether you are a business, individual or family, everyone is welcome to participate. We hope that your participation will contribute to giving back to the society.

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How to calculate hours

  1. Each time you finish participating in an activity, it will be calculated based on the activity time of that day.

  2. Accumulated hours.

  3. You will receive an update email on accumulated hours within five working days after completing each activity.

Event rewards and terms

  1. ​​After becoming a volunteer member, you can accumulate volunteer hours to exchange for different gifts.

  2. Each member who completes their first volunteer activity will receive a volunteer certificate from the "International Volunteer Association".

  3. ​Each event is for members only. If you want to go with your relatives and friends, they also need to register as volunteer members.

  4. Each gift can be redeemed in different hours, while supplies last.

  5. Membership hours can only be used by volunteer members, and identification documents must be presented to redeem gifts.

  6. Hours cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash, and are non-refundable.

  7. "International Volunteer Association and Science and Technology Agriculture Association" reserves the right to change the contents of gifts without prior notice.

  8. In case of any dispute, please refer to "International Volunteer Association"and Science and Technology Agriculture Association"The final decision shall prevail.

Are you willing to support agricultural development in Hong Kong?

With your donation support, we will have more resources and strength to carry out the work of promoting agricultural development. It can also help disadvantaged groups, students with special needs, etc. participate in different workshops or courses to understand the development of modern agriculture and create a better future for the next generation.


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*ASA is a registered charity in Hong Kong. Hong Kong residents can apply for tax deduction for donations of HK$100 or more. Please select whether you need a receipt for tax deduction purposes.

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